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21 March 2010 @ 04:10 pm
fanfic ; naruto ; kyuusasu/narusasu  
TITLE: Breaking Bonds, Making Bonds
FANDOM: Naruto
CHARACTERS/PAIRING: Kyuubi!Naruto/Sasuke, Naruto/Sasuke
SUMMARY: Naruto had been prepared for the fact that when he brought Sasuke back, it would not really be Sasuke. But, in retrospect, he had been woefully illprepared for how to deal with him. Kyuubi did not share that dilemma.
RATING: NC-17 on so many levels
WARNINGS: Oh lord. Um. First 6,000 words? Lots of angst and plot in a story that should be PWP. In the second 6,000 words? Tentacle rape, Mangekyou masturbation, weird fetishes, double-teaming, triple-teaming, kagebunshin sex, Kyuubi being Kyuubi, Sasuke being a batshit insane sex addict, blood, semen, god. The list goes on. OH, and language.
STATUS: Complete [oneshot]; unbeta'd.

Naruto had been prepared for the fact that when he brought Sasuke back, it would not really be Sasuke. Sasuke, after all, was this traumatized little cunt with emphasis on the word little, barely hitting five feet by the time he was thirteen that made everything he did seem a parody unto itself, infinitely precious and near impossible to take seriously when he was out of his element. When he was in his element, however, Sasuke was something to behold. That same precious body, barely scraping five feet (and at the time, almost entirely untoned and with a sweet-thin frame, not a sickly one), housed enough chakra and rage and control to face the Kyuubi vessel and get away.

Sasuke got away.

Even with Naruto as untrained as he had been at the time, that was a glaring fact. And so in the back of his mind, Naruto knew that Sasuke wouldn't be the same when he dragged him back to Konoha. Knew it wouldn't be the same because the Uchiha would be met with an animosity he hadn't had the time to feel since he ran off; feelings such as guilt and regret came to mind, not to mention the fact that the village would press charges against him, and the charges with which he faced often resulted in sentences of execution, exile (which, when Naruto thought of as a possibility, made him tremble with rage even more than the idea of him being sentenced to death. That the reward for dragging him back would be for him to simply be sent away again), or lifetime imprisonment. This was certain, unless Naruto was already the hokage by then, and it turned out that he wasn't.

Sasuke killed Itachi at 16. It wasn't as if Naruto was there, though some subtle sadistic part of him had desperately wanted to be, to watch Sasuke be engulfed in everything he'd been living for since he was old enough to realize how much he wanted it. Naruto hadn't been there, but he found the body, the scent of blood so sickly heavy that even from hundreds and hundreds of miles away, the Kyuubi was drawn to it like a moth to the flame. Naruto found Itachi dead, alone, blood everywhere, but it wasn't what he'd expected. Not even what he'd hoped. There wasn't a sign of overkill, of Sasuke stabbing him over and over for every person he'd killed, for every life he'd destroyed, there wasn't any of that, and it made his stomach turn over.

His battle with Sasuke hadn't been so different. Even versus the few minutes they'd spent together in the year prior, the change between the two periods was astounding. Naruto hit almost six and a half feet, sculpted like a rock and now a master of too many complex jutsus to count, complex jutsus that existed to kill. Sasuke had grown another eight inches from when he was 13, but unlike Naruto, his figure was still muted. Not in a feminine way; Kunoichi had tightly sculpted bodies, four or five ribs always visible, and hardened muscles to the point that they almost weren't attractive. Sasuke was just muted. As if most of his muscle mass, of which Naruto was sure there was at least a good hundred pounds of, simply didn't want to show itself, clinging deceptively to the last bit of preadolescent fat that coated every visible portion of his body. This was the first thing that Naruto had not expected.

The second thing Naruto had not expected was how purposelessly he fought. Like an animal that'd spent his entire life chasing cars, and once he'd finally caught one, he'd had no idea what to do with it. Naruto had howled in frustration, because he'd wanted to beat Sasuke within an inch of his life, until the Uchiha couldn't move and he was forcefully taken back to the village, but Sasuke seemed to know that. In retrospect, it had likely been a form of intuition; Naruto's emotions concerning Sasuke had similar aspects to Sasuke's concerning his brother. Love becomes obsession, heartbreak becomes revenge. And so Sasuke did not necessarily go quietly, but he fought halfheartedly, taking blows he could have easily dodged and not taking killshots he could have easily made, and as Naruto threw him against a stone statue that towered well into the heavens, Sasuke turned his head at an angle so most of the force that his head took came to the back of his neck.

The next thing he saw was the inside of a jail cell and the backs of twelve ANBU on the other side of it, standing guard.

Naruto had been prepared for Sasuke to be different, and at first, he had moved with it. The Sasuke he had captured was extremely quiet, to the point of being pathetic rather than stoic, and he suspected this was likely a new development. The Uchiha hardly moved, despite his cell being a tiny stone square with a flat futon and a toilet that barely worked, simply sitting in one of the corners of the room and watching a certain point in the floor. He was cooperative during interrogations, but never too cooperative. Never gave the interrogators a reason to beat him (though they frequently did), and usually gave them a straight forward answer if the questions were simple Yes and No's.

After seven days in jail, he was permitted to take a shower. Naruto had forced himself onto the ANBU guard squad, much to Tsunade's disagreement, and spent most of his time watching him from behind the slitted eyes of his mask. Sasuke, quite undoubtedly, knew he was there by the easily registrable flaming waves in which his aura seeped from him, but he never acknowledged him. Sometimes looked at him, but rarely spoke unless addressed under the lamp of the interrogation room. He took his first shower, and Naruto was one of the twenty four who supervised. Sasuke didn't really seem to care that they were there (he surmised this was because being an ally less ninja meant constantly needing to improvise), nor did he take a very long time. Scrubbed his body clean, scrubbed his hair clean, left. Like every shinobi, he had a number of scars, some that made sense and others he could hardly think to ask, but they didn't speak.

After two weeks of interrogations and collecting evidence, Sasuke was placed before Konohagakure's higher court. Up through capital offense committed within the village, a defendant was typically allowed to hire a lawyer. Crimes such as treachery, crimes against the state, murder, conspiracy to commit murder, and war crimes were what he was facing; the council was attempting to give it all they had, and Sasuke was to defend himself. Few were allowed into the trial, and this was the first time that Kakashi, Sakura, Naruto, and Sasuke had been in the same room in years. When put in the hot seat (a chair in the middle of the room with chains, cuffs, and various chakra subduing techniques where the defendant was strapped down), it was the first time he saw even the slightest flicker of anything on Sasuke's face since he'd brought him back. He rolled his hips slightly, a gesture noticed by few, and let out a sharp breath before beginning his defense.

If one could really call it that.

With a flat, inflectionless voice, he'd told the court:

"Guilty of all charges."

It was by some stroke of genius or luck that witnesses were allowed to testify on Sasuke's behalf so as to plead to his character, despite that it likely wouldn't affect a death penalty, when Kakashi made the case for tossing the case out of court and starting fresh. When the judges presiding asked why in God's name they would do that, he smiled from behind his mask and stated it was because Sasuke was criminally insane and unable to defend himself in a court of law. That without a proper attorney, the most important case Konoha had seen since Uchiha Itachi would be remembered as the one that the council fucked up as a matter of overzealous retribution. "Of.. excessive need to exercise revenge. Wouldn't you say~?"

The word seemed to strike a nerve, and Sasuke was sent back to prison and given a psychological evaluation. Naruto wasn't allowed to see him through most of it, but whether it was good news or bad news, Sasuke was permitted an attorney and a fresh case began. This trial did not attempt to end itself on the first day because Sasuke wasn't allowed to testify until well into the trial, after the prosecution presented all of its evidence. All of the time, Naruto observed him. Tried to figure out who he was. Some days he would come in with two black eyes and a freshly broken nose, other days he'd be missing teeth or limping to the point where the hot seat had to be dragged a bit closer to the entrance so Sasuke could just get to him.

It was Naruto's testimony that made the case. He explained, inarticulately but as well as he could, the state in which he took Sasuke. Explained that it wasn't taking Sasuke, that for all intents and purposes, it was Sasuke turning himself in. It was only barely not identical to him simply walking to gates of the village with his hands in the air, in surrender. Sasuke didn't listen to most of it, if only because he didn't want to hear anything Naruto had to say about him, and the various psychologists who'd come from other hidden villages so as to be biased supported the insanity plea. "If he wasn't insane when he left, he certainly meets the benchmark to be considered such now," one of them had said, and Sasuke made his first unprompted noise in well over a month, a hard laugh that lasted only one syllable that made everyone in the room jump.

As the trial progressed, charges began to fall apart. War crimes was the first; neither Sound nor Konoha had officially been at war at the times when Sasuke was allied to either of them, and so he could not have possibly committed what is defined as a "war crime" because he had been a warrior with an agenda, not an allegiance. Crimes against the state had fallen apart second, since it was considered a lesser offense than treason and they couldn't come up with any proof that Sasuke had actually conspired against Konoha after leaving. The murder and conspiracy to commit charges were solid, and when asked, Sasuke admitted to having killed both Uchiha Itachi and Orochimaru. Although the term murder was being used against him, the fact that Orochimaru and Itachi were considered high class enemies of the state actually seemed to help his case.

Treason, however, that charge was unshakable. The charge of treason, however, only could receive a maximum punishment of life imprisonment; treason depended on other charges to secure the death penalty or exile. It took months and months to try him, despite Sasuke's initially plea of guilty, and every day, Sasuke got thinner. The lines under his eyes got darker, and the way he tightened his mouth became more pronounced. The verdict came back guilty, the way everyone expected it to, with a week break between sentencing, and Naruto had been furious. He'd cried and Sakura had cried and Kakashi had stood back, overseeing the fruit of their efforts rotting in their hands, and Sasuke, who sat in the hot seat with an expression no more emotionally than a stone on a riverbank.

Seven days later, the court met for sentencing. Half the people who'd made a point to be there every day didn't bother, including Sakura, but Naruto was in the seat closest to him - the way he always was - and Kakashi, a seat behind Naruto. The verdict came back guilty on the charges of treason, murder, and conspiracy to commit murder, and not guilty on war crimes and crimes against the state. It didn't mean much, but somebody most have considered it a small victory. Sentencing was determined by the head of the Higher court, the hokage herself, and she gave him a long look before stating:

"Kid, you're the biggest fucking prick I've seen in a long time. But that brat-" She pointed at Naruto, though Sasuke didn't follow her finger, "-thought you were such hot shit that he he spent the better part of three years dragging you back because he was so damn sure you were something special."

"Uchiha Sasuke, your punishment for conspiracy to commit murder is 25 years in house arrest under the direct supervision of Uzumaki Naruto and the indirect supervision of no less than ten ANBU members at all times when outside of the home but within house arrest in-village travel restrictions." Sasuke stared, unblinking. "Your punishment for murder is a lifetime in house arrest under the direct supervision of Uzumaki Naruto and the indirect supervision of no less than ten ANBU members at all times when outside of the home but within house arrest in-village travel restrictions, along with 5,000 hours of service to the community service work." She paused for a moment, before sighing. "Your punishment for treason against the Hidden Village in the Leaves is a life term of service in the ANBU."

There was a dead silence for a moment before the chains, cuffs, and binds holding him into the chair unsnapped at once, and Naruto let out a sob.

"Get outta here, Uchiha. Violate any of these conditions and I'll kill ya myself, you've got my word."


Living with Sasuke hadn't been much different from observing him in prison. The Uchiha compound had been repossessed when he left, and many had wanted to tear it down since they were sure its only legal owner was dead, and even if he wasn't dead, he was a traitor and traitors sure as hell didn't need land in the village they betrayed. But Sakura had been a part of the conspiracy to block all requests and petitions to tear down the complex while she was working in the Hokage's office. When Sasuke returned and when his trial was completed, there was controversy as to whether or not the deed should be returned to a convicted criminal, but legally, they were required to. Sasuke was a convicted traitor and a reinstated citizen, a member of the most elite group of Shinobi the village had, and the heir to the home and all of the related assets.

Since Naruto was poor anyway, he sheepishly made the suggestion that they move into the complex, and Sasuke only shrugged. He assumed that meant yes, and a few days later, what little Naruto actually had was effectively moved into one of the larger master bedrooms. Every room was bloodied with blood only Sasuke could still see, but there were only two rooms that he sealed off. His parents room, and Itachi's room. The only rooms that hadn't been touched except to clean up the gore since the massacre. Sasuke's room was the way he'd left it at thirteen, full of clothes that didn't fit and memories that had gathered layers and layers of dust, and he'd spent several hours in his first day there deciding what to throw out. The blonde watched him, often silent because he had no idea how to communicate with this new person, but when he saw the Uchiha trying to throw out several boxes full of shoes and clothes, Naruto wouldn't hear of it, regardless of that he had no idea why the idea of seeing Sasuke's old shirts being tossed out, or tennis shoes now four sizes too small.

Sasuke didn't bother arguing. Not unlike Naruto, he had little idea how to communicate with the person before him, but unlike the person before him, he had no desire to. Not because he was Naruto but because he was someone, and Sasuke wanted desperately to be alone. He made every effort to not show it, and made an even more impressive effort to not show that he was it was taking a lot out of him, knowing that the rest of his life was going to monitored closely. Every mission he would go on from now on would be a mission ensuring death, and that was the point. That Tsunade and Konoha wouldn't kill him under the law, but they'd kill him indirectly. Sasuke understood that tactic, and it was somewhat soothing. At least he'd die in battle.

The first week was awkward and uncomfortable, not for Sasuke but - it seemed - for the rest of village. Sasuke was in a perpetual twilight zone, as if he didn't really believe he was alive and that, in fact, he'd been executed while under a genjutsu and this was hell. Believing he was alive when he wasn't, wandering through the village like a stray cat. He received an envelope in the mail thick with information regarding what he could and could not do, where he could and could not go, and where he could serve his community service. Naruto's smile grew tentatively each day, as he adjusted to seeing Sasuke's face regularly, and it was only on the third day when he found Sasuke rifling in the garage looking for the boxed closet contents of someone who had been his size when it occurred to Naruto that Sasuke needed to go shopping. And so they left for a department store to find Sasuke a few things to wear around town until the ANBU's tailor took his measurements and made him a few dozen uniforms.

Although Sasuke couldn't begin working with ANBU for another three weeks (this, from what he had come to understand, was some kind of probationary period for Naruto to find out how unstable he was), he worked community service all day, every day. At four in the morning, he would stir out of a light sleep that never gave him dreams, take a shower, eat an apple, and go somewhere that needed help. It didn't matter where, though he enjoyed work that was more physically strenuous because it kept him from thinking about much besides the work. Squad members tailed him, faces that had long since blurred from memory slowly coming back to suit the name they were matched to, and slowly, steadily, people began to speak to him. Most of it was uncertain and unsure, a few people expressed that they'd missed him, and a few were foolish enough to anger him, but Sasuke didn't retaliate. He didn't care about becoming a real member of Konohagakure's society. He'd been born against his will, he'd had his family taken against his will, his image of Itachi had been distorted and manipulated against his will, and he'd been dragged back to this village against his will. And because he didn't care about becoming a true leaf ninja, he didn't care if people were malicious or avoiding.

And so, he worked. He fixed cracks in the few concrete roads in the village, cleaned up parks and fixed old equipment, collected dead animals from the riverbanks for the pre-medic nin Academy students to dissect, made kunai and shiruken with the blacksmiths, planted trees in areas that had been cleared of them by audacious ninja, sanded boats for the fisherman who went out and collected fish in the early morning, collected flowers in the high mountains for the flower shops run by women now too old to make the trip, purified river water into drinking water with firejutsu, and often sat on the tops of high buildings in the blazing summer heat to re-shingle their roofs, shirtless and without sunblock for the purpose of acquiring a heavy sunburn. So that he could shed his skin and start anew, and the sight of him - while it didn't become something one was accustomed to - at the least became common. Uchiha Sasuke, traitor to Konoha, drenched in sweat and burning all over but not tanning over at all, teaching some of the little kids who didn't know who he was how to play basketball. The way to hit a baseball. Picking up trash off the ground more as an automatic response than anything else; most of the time, his service hours weren't documented. They were simply the things that he did when he had nothing else to do.

Naruto knew Sasuke was going to be different, but the differences were both excessive and nonapparent. Sasuke was painfully quiet since the death of Itachi, and he rarely saw flickers of emotion running through him. When they were little, putting Sasuke next to Naruto, the Uchiha would seem emotionless half the time. But he wasn't. He was extremely emotional; his emotions were all fueled by the same thing, but they were powerful. Powerful enough to cause all the damage he caused and not look back. Naruto knew this, Sakura knew this, and Kakashi knew this. And that was what had changed in Sasuke, there was this sort of uncomfortable emptiness now that he'd gotten what he wanted and the rage was still there. Suppressed rage, perhaps, or perhaps it was being exerted through means Naruto was still too blind to see, but this Sasuke?

Naruto really, really disliked him.


Sasuke was inducted into the ANBU a month after his conviction. The members in his squad were of varying ages and genders, but including Hyuuga Neji, who wasn't particularly pleased to see him alive, Shikamaru, who was the first of the original group of genin to become a jounin and still considered an asset for his tactical abilities and high IQ, Naruto, who didn't seem like the type to want to deal with the missions ANBU dealt with (that is, extremely dangerous suicide missions that required destroying your own body in the event of capture), and Sakura, who'd grown from a third rate love-stricken child to a powerful ninja and a brilliant medic. There were a couple of other older ninja that he'd seen once or twice before, but he didn't get much time to learn their names; he was promptly fit for uniform, tattooed, given his first haircut in something like five months (he'd forgotten about it to the point where his bangs almost reached his collarbone and he could wear a ponytail if he wanted to, and the sun seemed so much less demanding afterwards), and given a tower of textbooks to memorize.

Each night, after working all day, Sasuke would take a shower and cook something. Each night, Naruto would show up just when their food was done, and they would eat. Naruto would ask light, nonpersonal questions, and if Sasuke wasn't studying material he - for the most part - already knew from Kabuto's instruction on human anatomy, he would answer them. Sasuke would finish a plate of whatever he cooked and Naruto would pressure him to eat more (Sasuke's hitai-ate, which had to be remade but had been done so under the assumption it would go around his head, now tied neatly around his hips, which would be normal if he were a skinny, prepubescent girl, not an adolescent male), and Sasuke would say he was full and needed to study. Would take his books to his room, and the light wouldn't go out for him to sleep until around one in the morning.

He didn't initiate conversation once until, after a day of labor and an evening of study before his ANBU written test, he looked up from a diagram on how atmospheric pressure can affect how much effort is necessary to paralyze a body with the most discrete amount of force, "Are you dating Sakura?"

Naruto blinked up from his ramen (he'd quickly gotten sick of the nasty vegetables and lean meat Sasuke always cooked and bought a case of pork miso), flushing with embarrassment and genuinely surprised to hear Sasuke's voice in such a tone. He sounded... like he actually cared. About what was being said. Not as if answering him was a token chore like most of his community service and his forced allegiance in the ANBU. "Uh. No." He grinned sheepishly, scratching an itch at his hairline. "Sakura-chan's still the cutest and all that, don't get me wrong. But it just.. didn't work out? I guess." He slurped a mouthful of noodles, washing it down with the rest of his orange soda.

Sasuke nodded, not saying anything further, much to Naruto's dismay. He'd been doing his best not to pressure him, because the description the Psychiatrist gave him was a lot more than he knew to deal with, on top of getting to know his best friend all over again. Sasuke sighed, closing his textbook. "Goodnight, then."

Despite his appearance, Naruto's reaction had been at least somewhat relieving. He had to repopulate his clan, which was going to be immensely difficult any direction it was observed from. Sasuke didn't find women particularly attractive; the represented everything he didn't like, being submissive and soft and pretty and weak. Pregnant women even more so, they were so damn fragile. However, assuming he was to pick a woman from Konoha to reproduce with, his choice pool had dropped significantly. Most everyone in the village despised him as a traitor, and the women his age hated him even more for all the madness he'd caused. Sakura, however, would be fairly easy. She didn't seem particularly fertile, but she was a medic, which meant she had good chakra control and could probably carry a couple of children to term. The idea of actually having sex with her wasn't particularly appetizing, but compared to what he'd seen and done in the past few years, it was positively tame.

He formed a handsign and muttered something quietly, a quiet hiss of a noise breaking the otherwise silence of his thoughts.


The test he took was not a general requirement of ANBU induction, but they wanted to know what he knew and how susceptible to new information he was. Sasuke caught on to what the purpose of the test was only an hour into studying, when he realized all of the books he'd been given were filled with incorrect information. However, he studied the information just in case the false information was irrelevant, and - to their squad leader's surprise - passed his exam. To a person with rationale, this kind of test had no point, but truthfully, it seemed genius. The clothes he had purchased from the department store were now in his chest of drawers, mostly untouched, and instead he wore his ANBU uniform. He needed to adjust to moving in it, wear it like a second skin, and he did just that.

Kusanagi was returned to him in lieu of the katana typically distributed to new members of the ANBU Special Ops, and training began quickly, rigorous as if every spar was a little bit of retribution that Tsunade had been too forgiving or too sympathetic to Naruto to provide under the law. Neji was the fiercest, despite Sasuke not having really known him that well, his Byakugan activated and his pressure point techniques constantly working to plug up the holes in his skin that released chakra, but he couldn't. Even with whatever rage or disgust pent up inside him, Sasuke was too damn fast. Even without the Sharingan activated, he'd learned to predict movements three or four seconds before they happen, just from the posture of the body, the stiffness of the face. Observation was an asset he'd honed to be as dangerous as anything else, but with his sharingan activated, he could see up to eight seconds into the future. This made it essentially impossible to startle him in a one-on-one battle, of which he had seven in consecutive order with every member of the squad except Naruto.

They then tried a different approach, instead attacking him as if they were an enemy squad, which proved to be extremely difficult but not impossible. Sasuke was killable. He wasn't Orochimaru, he could be captured when he was actually trying not to get captured, and if one could be captured, one could be killed. Sasuke's eyes narrowed slightly, not in the wake of his pride (for once, it seemed), but in the wake of how pleased they all looked. They didn't trust him at all, and, using his help, were developing tactical plans to take him down should they ever doubt him. Everyone except Naruto.

Training with them was harsh, and he knew from precedence that ANBU typically didn't train together. Not like this. An eight person ANBU team needs to function as eight individuals, four sets of partners, two small teams, or one large squad, but it was rare out of wartime for members to train together in this mass. The individual needs to train his or her body to the point just before death, sleep, and then train again. Sasuke had been doing that for years. It was Sakura's presence that confused him, and part of that was likely still based on his preconceived notion of her uselessness, but even in her maturity, she wasn't ANBU material. She wasn't cold or calculating. Granted, neither was Naruto, but he had more chakra inside of him than the entire jounin and ANBU population of Konoha put together. Perhaps her medical training really was that advanced, in which this training was even more useless than he'd initially known. Medics aren't meant to be on the offense; they're meant to be protected as the most important asset on the team.

Several hours later, when the rest of the squad had exhausted themselves and Sasuke remained relatively stable, he caught Naruto's eye. The blonde had spent most of the period observing, which had never occurred to Sasuke as something the Kyuubi vessel would ever be good at, but Naruto just smiled as he pulled to his feet. "You gonna go home, teme?" Sasuke shrugged and nodded. "Mm'kay, I gotta go talk to the old hag. Go... take a shower or something, you smell like crap." Sasuke's attentive expression flattened into immediate agitation, and Naruto's smile grew twelvefold, leaping up to a street lamp and waving his goodbye as he sprinted to the hokage tower. The Uchiha rolled his eyes, his movement slow and dileberate as he retreated back to the complex, more than aware of the eyes watching, making sure he didn't do whatever it was they thought he was going to do, and only a few hundred feet from the complex, the sound of running water caught his attention.

He turned, eyes fixing on the docks that he'd helped repair just a few days ago, taking in their image in full for a moment, and the body of water behind them. It was an estuary, so it faintly smelled of the sea, and in his memory he recalled occasionally diving to get a better look at the reefs and odd collection of plants and animals that resided in its depths. Now, it seemed, the water didn't seem quite as clear and clean as it used to. Or perhaps it was just the abundance of sunlight, causing the benthal plants to grow in a greater amount and thus making the water seem a bit murkier. He took a few steps towards the docks, before freezing, pulling out the detailed map of where he was and was not allowed to be. He let out a quiet curse. Apparently they thought he was going to try and escape by boat, because outside of community service or Naruto's supervision, he wasn't to be there.

He turned back to the path to the complex, passing through its wooden gates that were only recently stripped of padlocks and crime scene tape, retreating into the bathroom and taking a hand mirror from one of the many hall bathrooms he hadn't gotten around to using yet, exhaling a shudder.


Studying became observation became noticing became just watching. Abnormal became new behavior became how he is now versus how he was became how Sasuke is. Perhaps it was constant exposure to him, but Naruto was having more and more trouble discerning what was considered unusual for Sasuke. In retrospect, before he ran off, he'd never lived with Sasuke before. Sasuke could have been the messiest child in the world, no routine at all nor any sense of order whatsoever, and he'd have no idea. He just knew what he had the audacity to assume about before, and what he'd seen so far.

He knew Sasuke's routine by heart now. At four AM, an alarm clock never went off, but Sasuke got up. He'd take a shower, always forgetting to bring a replacement pair of clothes in the bathroom with him, so he'd sprint from the bathroom to his room in a towel, tracking water everywhere. Ten minutes later, when he was dry and dressed, he would mop up the water so it wouldn't damage the floors and put a pot of coffee on. He would have fruit and a soldier pill for breakfast, and then he would leave. If it was a day off (ANBU's not on missions typically worked five days a week), he would do community service all day, buy some food, and train. If he was working, he would train, train, train, and train some more. ANBU missions were reserved for the most difficult and dangerous, and Sasuke wasn't permitted to work in the field until he'd been in the village for a year. To most people, that would seem like a waste of time and asset, but since Sasuke was working with the ANBU for life (however long that was), it made sense to learn exactly how strong and how dangerous he truly was.

Regardless of whether he was working or not, he would make dinner. Usually enough for dinner, and if Naruto didn't want it, he'd toss it out into the backyard to be composted by the forces. If he didn't have to work the next day, he would lock the door. If he had to work the next day, he wouldn't. Unlike Naruto, who snored, jerked off, often rolled off the bed onto the floor (which resulted in furious yells from the room over), and went into heat every month, Sasuke was very, very quiet. He even covered his mouth on the rare occasions he laughed or yawned (like a girl), and walked with socks so as to absorb some of the creak in the floorboards. Naruto didn't remember Sasuke being even vaguely this conscientious, but every time he tried to think about what might have happened during his period of internment training with Orochimaru, the fox demon typically flared with an amount of animalistic, possessive rage that made his stomach twist like he was going to vomit.

In other words, Sasuke was very, very routine. Seven months after he'd brought Sasuke back, that was basically what his report to Tsunade said. That he was organized to the point of being considered OCD, but he didn't seem.. dangerous. Nor more dangerous than a snake being left alone, anyway. And even when faced with provocation (of which there had been plenty of; the more Sasuke seemed to fit in, the more people who insisted he should have been executed hated him, and the more ridiculous their actions became), Sasuke pretty much rolled it off. Over dinner, Naruto had asked him how he was doing, and the Uchiha simply shrugged and said:

"You brought me here. I didn't come back. I got sentenced to a life term with the ANBU. I didn't sign up. I've been made to do community service. I'm not trying to repent by being painfully nice to everyone. Everything I'm doing, I'm being forced to do. Part of that includes interaction with other people."

Naruto had blinked, looking upset. "What- I thought everything was going pretty good!"

"It's fine. I guess."

"What the hell do you mean "you guess"?!"

"I mean that if I'd been sentenced to life in prison, or exile, I'd probably not feel any better or worse there than right here."

He'd told Tsunade that Sasuke spent a lot of time reading fiction books because he wasn't allowed access to any scrolls with jutsus in them, even completely innocent jutsus, such as the one that repaired a pair of broken glasses. He went to the library every Monday and collected a stack of books, the books were sifted through by a couple of ANBU to make sure he wasn't somehow using them to make communications with an outside ninja, he would check them out, and by the next Saturday, he wanted a new stack. He told her about how even though fall was coming on, his back was still peeling off lots of dead skin and how it was really really nasty, and he told her about how - to his knowledge - Sasuke had spent a grand total of zero hours of personal time with anyone but Naruto, and in his own words, he was "forced to".

Tsunade accepted the report and told him he no longer had to record everything that the Uchiha did, and if Sasuke seemed to be getting along decently enough, could give him a little bit of space, but to record anything abnormal just in case. Record, record, record. It would be fun if Sasuke ever did anything interesting. Granted, Naruto pretty much had no idea what he was doing when he locked himself in, but he would check chakra signals and it didn't seem like he was doing anything dangerous. Probably just jerking off or something, whatever.

In hindsight, Naruto had been woefully unprepared for how much Sasuke had changed.


When October came, Sasuke was forced to dig some winter clothes out of the garage. Their ANBU schedules were always correlated so that they had the same days off (so Naruto could keep an eye on him and make sure he didn't murder any children or whatever the suspicion was), and when he arrived home from a long day of draining his chakra melting snow with fire jutsu (it was such a waste of energy and shinobi ability; a teacher should be instructing his genin students on how to do this sort of thing), he waved to Naruto silently, shrugged off his jacket, and locked the door behind him. It was rare that they ever got two consecutive days off, and the last two days, the lock had clicked silently and Naruto's interest had peaked.

That, and the moon finished waxing tonight. The Kyuubi had a fantastically ridiculous response to full moons, which normally meant he would run off to the red light district, screw a prostitute into the next lifetime, and run back as quickly as he could. But it had been weird last month. Instead of doing what he always did, what always worked, he found himself pressed to Sasuke's door, elongated claws itching to tear through the paper, before he stumbled back and tried to remember what he hell he had been doing. Oh right, the district. This time, he was already feeling it, a low grumble in his gut and groin as the impending night came closer. Maybe he should just go now. Stay with her from five in the afternoon to five in the morning. It's not like he had to pay for it or anything, he got a pretty decent allowance each month for this sort of thing so he didn't do anything stupid.

His stomach let out a groan.

"But first!" He grinned, the feeling of control returning to him to a degree. "But first, dinner. Maybe teme will eat something before he shrivels up and blows away."

Naruto finished cooking ten or fifteen minutes later, actually going to the trouble of boiling the ramen on the stove and then tossing the noodles around in the wok with some of those sauces in the fridge that he didn't know what they were but damn they were good, and he only burned the noodles a little bit which was a new record. He moved back to Sasuke's door, knocking on it and yelling through the wood and paper: "OI, SASUKE. I MADE YOU DINNER. Eat it before your ass disappears and the last of your good qualities is gone." Naruto paused, taking a moment to laugh at his own joke before the door unlocked and opened just enough so they could speak face to face. Sasuke looked... absolutely normal. Not a hair out of place.

"My ass is fine the way that it is, I'm eating in here."

Before Naruto could blink, the bowl he was planning to use to entice him to the dinner table where they usually ate was in Sasuke's hands, along with a set of chopsticks, before the door slammed shut and the lock clicked again. Fucking ninjas. Naruto snarled at the door, finishing his own dinner and leaving a kitchen a wreck just to piss the little bitch off (-woah, hostile, where had that come from?), pulling his shoes back on as he checked the clock. Damn, he should get out. He was still used to the summer, when the nights were really short, but that didn't apply anymore, and it got dark around six. He grabbed his wallet and eased out of the house, careful not to make his absence known because, even when he was in heat, he was supposed to be there.

But like hell if he was.

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