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21 March 2010 @ 04:11 pm
fanfic ; naruto ; kyuusasu/narusasu  
TITLE: Breaking Bonds, Making Bonds
FANDOM: Naruto
CHARACTERS/PAIRING: Kyuubi!Naruto/Sasuke, Naruto/Sasuke
SUMMARY: Naruto had been prepared for the fact that when he brought Sasuke back, it would not really be Sasuke. But, in retrospect, he had been woefully illprepared for how to deal with him. Kyuubi did not share that dilemma.
RATING: NC-17 on so many levels
WARNINGS: Oh lord. Um. First 6,000 words? Lots of angst and plot in a story that should be PWP. In the second 6,000 words? Tentacle rape, Mangekyou masturbation, weird fetishes, double-teaming, triple-teaming, kagebunshin sex, Kyuubi being Kyuubi, Sasuke being a batshit insane sex addict, blood, semen, god. The list goes on. OH, and language.
STATUS: Complete [oneshot]; unbeta'd.

[warning, this entire half of the fic is XXX]


There was nothing gentle about it. The sound was muted except for a strange buzzing in his ears, a humming as if his brain was vibrating inside of his skull, and he couldn't hear himself screaming though he knew that he was. Screaming around whatever was in his mouth, he didn't even know anymore, didn't even care. His stomach roiled, deeply upset with whatever it was spilling down his throat, be it blood or semen or acid or drugs, it didn't fucking matter. He was too far gone to even imagine caring about something so trivial, blinded by it, the thick pounding that kept him cumming again and again, to the point where he had no shame or pride, to the point where he needed it just to get through a week. He needed it.

They wrapped around his throat, strangling him even more airless with one bobbing in and out, reeling him up and smashing him facefirst into the concrete floor, nose cracking and hot pain crashing into every nerve below his eyes and above his chin. There was blood, that much he could see on the rare occasions he could hold his eyes open long enough, blood in the shape of one of those comic faces for Halloween, the ghost with the wide mouth and eyes, and he had only enough time to comprehend this thought before his face smashed down again, the blood collecting on the floor dark and one of his precious teeth resting with them. He'd lost a few teeth in the prison, and was given new ones, but this hurt so much more than-


The sound, in his own mind, never came but the feeling was incredible, the two below slamming into him out of his sync so he never had to wait for one, always had something driving into him so fast and so deep he couldn't stand it, trembling all over and always on the brink of orgasm if he's not cumming, always on the brink and never running out of energy, never getting tired, so good and taking and it and he could take it forever fuckfuck "Ah, haohgod please, fuckpleasefuck, harder!" And they never really obliged to his mindless cries, senseless screaming, they did what they wanted and he always came. He'd let them fuck his eyesocket if they wanted to, now that his sharingan had no purpose.

He let out another feral scream as they twisted him, flipped him over onto his knees but still supporting him at whatever angle they wanted, ramming in and out of him so hard he was losing taste, losing everything, losing all feelings but touchtouchtouch and so sensitive, so wanton he felt crazy. The one in his throat retracted, and he coughed, sputtered for breath, and although there was no hand to force his eye open, he couldn't close it, and it gushed into his precious little sharingan, a horrible noise of agony never escaping him as it burned and burned and burned, everything burned, and he cums so hard and so much that the stream traces the bottom of his chin, and they only let him recover for a second or so before they start again, they always do.

It was madness.


Naruto was only vaguely in control now, only enough for his conscious thoughts to occasionally be heard in the back of his mind - Kyuubi's mind - as he bound through the darkness of the evening, back into Konoha. The whorehouse sat on the outskirts of the city, and even after fucking the prettiest, cleanest bitch in the bunch eight or nine times, it hadn't been enough. The kit host of his was out of money by that time, and his mind was exhausted, but the fox? Not even remotely. He moved in quick flashes and gold and red from street to street, to the mansion that the kit considered home now, home with the stupid child that he'd been whining about for the past four years.

Kyuubi's stomach twisted sweetly as one of his memories of the pretty nonbreeder came into his mind. He had pinwheel eyes, which could temporarily subdue him, and a thirst for power the likes of which he hadn't seen in over a thousand years or so. Naruto's body stiffened, cock hardening slightly and the fox smiled a wicked, maneating smile, flying from building to building. "So that's it, little kit? You brought him back to fuck him and you won't even do it?" Naruto's voice was distant, indignant, and Kyuubi shrugged it aside, bounding towards the tall tree that grew outside of Sasuke's room, up the trunk and balancing with all the grace in the world on a branch that shouldn't support his weight, but did. The silence was deadly, thick was lust, but with Sasuke's ability, he should have been able to tell, and that looming fact aroused the fox's curiosity, squinting and making out what he was doing in the darkness of his room.

It was... nothing. He was just sitting there, holding a mirror in front of his face and staring at it. His ear twitched, eyes narrowing suspiciously, crawling a few more feet down the branch to get a better look, claws digging into the wood for support. He had better nightvision than most, but that really was all. Sasuke locked himself in his room at night and stared into a mirror like his narcissistic cumdumpster brother. The thought that came to mind was huge fucking disappointment, but Kyuubi leapt gracefully to the windowsill, clicking the the windows open and a gust of cold air rushing into the room as he sprang inside, landing heavily on the floor below.

Sasuke didn't react.

"...little bitch, what are you--"

The fox's eyes took him in entirely. From the tree, blurred by the darkness and the window and the elements, he had looked entirely still. From the inside, his whole body was trembling in a subtle vibration, face flushed dark scarlet and his pants soaked from the front, erection straining against them. His bright, fire red eyes moved slowly up Sasuke's figure, mouth parted just barely and breath coming in fast, but not fast enough for his chest to rise and fall noticeably, and finally, up to his eyes. Mangekyou eyes. The Kyuubi grinned, ear to ear like a cheshire chat, like the black dahlia, lust twisting through him so intensely.

"Kit, you're in luck. Your nonbreeder bitch is a slut."

Naruto whined in the back of his mind, taking in the image, and the fox slid the mirror out of Sasuke's hand, replacing it with his own face within the same second, jolting sharply and mind reeling, spinning.


"Hyaah-- ohgodohgodmoremoremore- Mmff!"

Naruto stared. He didn't know what they were. Vines, or snakes, or eels- whatever they were, Sasuke had sexualized them in his self-induced illusion, his masturbation because apparently he got off on this, and the blonde couldn't tear his eyes away, no matter how fucking demeaning it was. There was cum all over him, literally every inch of his body was dripping with it, blood all over his face from an at least two or three times broken nose and broken arms twisted back, broken legs twisted back, the two or three smashing in and out of him making him scream in a way that Naruto could not have imagined, cock going rock hard in his hand from where he sat on the ground, an observer of something that was so fucking beyond him.

One of them came in his mouth, enough so that the fluid burst from his lips and out of his nose, a bloody mess as it retracted and Sasuke gasped for air, the thing whipping him around so they meet eye to eye, and the fox is next to him, grinning and inhaling the heavy sex scent, one of his tails caressing Sasuke's cock, watching him sob and scream, cumming into it and twitching and shaking all over, violent and so aroused. "Time to wake up, bitch. I'm going to make you wish you'd never been born."


Sasuke's eyes opened with a start, snapping out of the mangekyou illusion in the wave of all consuming fear and unbearable need upon meeting the fox's eyes, his room dark and a thick hand covering his mouth to keep him from screaming his head off. "Is this what you and Orichimaru did while you were away, cumguzzling gutterwhore~? ♥" His head swam, cock thick and pulsing with unbearable need, fury engulfing him all at once and thrashing forward to strangle his throat when, out of nowhere, restraint jerked him backwards to the headboard. They were red, burning lines that dug into him like razors, and the fox hissed with pleasure, peeling Naruto's shirt of his body and the seal at his stomach flaring wonderfully.

Chakra strings. Nine tailed fox demon chakra strings. Nine tailed fox demon chakra strings holding him back so he can fuck him, and his consciousness, his thought process stirred at the thought, the bare flush at his cheeks going a dark scarlet. "You're familiar with me, little bitch?" Sasuke's eyes narrowed furiously, teeth grinding against the skin of his palm, and the thing in Naruto's body let out a groan of something that was unmistakable, unequivocal want. "I thought so." Sasuke's eyes, dark red sharingan that were taking in every aspect of him, memorizing and documenting as if the Kyuubi was still of any kind of real importance to him, watched him make a few hand seals with chakra so thick that it came off of him in waves, and a Naruto clone, naked and as aroused as the one in front of him, wrapped its hand around Sasuke's cock, the Uchiha jumping frantically into it and thrashing against the strings, blood spilling down his wrists as it burned through his epidermis.

"You, bitch," Sasuke returned his eyes to the monster in front of him, fear sweeping him sickly as he bore into those eyes, and that fear made him want it more. Orochimaru took Sasuke, in his adolescence, when he was only barely just starting to understand sex, and conditioned him to respond to certain things. To find a lack of control, to find the inability to fight back, to find being unable to move, to find being double, triple, or even quadruple teamed the hottest thing in the universe, and Sasuke had been conditioned well. Because his view of what sex was supposed to be was warped at exactly the right moment, and rendered all normal relationships impossible "-are more fucking trouble than you are-"

"Fuck me until I die."

The Naruto clone looked up in shock, and the monster blinked. Sasuke's expression was blank, resolute, his sharingan no longer spinning but completely still. "I want to die. And I want you to be the last thing I do."

A cruel, disgusting grin curled on Kyuubi's lips and he let out a howl of horrible laughter, supressing the voice screaming at him in the back of his head and grabbing Sasuke by the back of the head, fisting his hair and his claws shredding some of it away at irregular angles. "Killing you would be merciful, stupid slut. Suck." The fists tightened and he slammed Sasuke's face between his legs with far too much force, going against the chakra strings so that Sasuke's shoulders dislocate with a terrible snap and a yell that's immediately stifled when the full length of Naruto's cock is shoved forcefully down his throat, his gag reflex causing him to spasm and making it fucking impossible to breathe. Kyuubi released his hold slightly, so Sasuke could move, and - so fucking typically - the Uchiha ground his teeth over his cock, something that would incapacitate any other man, any normal man, but instead just made the fox buck his hips to slam him in the back of the throat, groaning as Sasuke choked around it, throat contracting violently as the clone pressed a thumb into the slit of him.

Sasuke snarled, rage seeping out of every pore of him, and thrashed violently with his legs, kicking him in the abdomen with one foot and the throat of the other, both ankles ending up in Kyuubi's fist and the crushing pressure he exerts making him toss violently, his Achilles' tendons threatening to tear and eyes wide with the pain. The cock down his throat pulled back so he could catch his breath, the look on Naruto's face so smug it made him fucking sick, spitting out a mouthful of blood. "I believe. I told you. To suck." The fists tightened on his ankles, the cloan's fingernail dug into his cock, and Sasuke couldn't handle it anymore, forcing the first six inches of him inside and sucking it with a vacuum force that he knew hurt, bobbing his head between his legs fast, too fast, the way he was conditioned to do, insides panging at the sound of Naruto's voice releasing a sweet little purr, fingers loosening in his hair as less of a vicegrip, massaging his throbbing scalp.

Sasuke jumped when he felt something trailing up his wrists, wrists that were now bleeding so thoroughly that he might die anyway, and at a moment when he was retracted, he saw Kyuubi was lapping at the wound, and the strangest sensation engulfed his entire right arm. First, a numbness, then a cold unlike anything he'd ever experienced, the way he'd imagined frostbite would feel, when the cell actually froze to death; then a heat, a heat only comparable to when he'd battled Deidara, as if his blood was a flammable fuel and his blood was engulfed with it, and all at once, the vein in his wrist had hardened, the cells fused, not necessarily mending the wound but keeping him from dying. In that arm, anyway.

He rocked his throat, half grinding his teeth across the skin and half undulating his throat to provide a variety of sick sensations, moving back and forth all the way and with increasing speed until he could feel it pulsing against his tongue and throbbing against the roof of his mouth; at that point, Kyuubi grabbed him by the hair and yanked him back, stroking himself three times before cumming thick and hot onto Sasuke's face, right in the center of his forehead and it ends up in his hair, on the bridge of his nose, and all over his cheeks. The Uchiha uttered a mess of coughs and sputters, still at difficulty catching his breath, and his eyes narrowed when Naruto's body - soiled with Kyuubi's soul - bent down to look him in the eye, a smug, permanent grin on his face.

"Saw how much cum you had all over you in your dream. Figured you'd appreciate it, you little whore ♥"

Sasuke went the darkest color of scarlet one could possibly achieve with a thin layer of epidermis between the blood in his face, and the fox blinked, in a way that was characteristically Naruto, some flutter of hope that Naruto would be there. But he wasn't. Chakra seeped off of him, and there were two tails sprouted behind him, chakra so thick that Kusanagi couldn't penetrate it. The fox let out a hearty laugh, waving the clone away like too much smoke at the dinner table, and the subtle stimulation he'd been only half enjoying was gone in an instant, leaving him to choke and his hips to buck fruitlessly with need, precum dripping down the length of it and pooling in the dark curls of his pubic hair.

And Kyuubi, out of nowhere, kissed him fiercely. Despite the way the steady drip of his host's semen had dripped from Sasuke's forward down to his mouth, despite that his mouth tasted like cum and blood and stitches from oral surgery, despite that he was Uchiha Sasuke, something that the monster was really fucking sick of hearing about, something that would be better off torn apart and the pieces burned on stakes- despite all of that, he kissed him hard, biting his lips to the bleeding point and want spiking through him as the man- the child below him let out a moan into his mouth, hand fisting his cock tightly and jerking it off fast, too fast, sending Sasuke writhing and needy as a bitch in heat. Kyuubi was doing this because, without the stress Sasuke had induced in Naruto over the years, he would never be this close to escaping. He'd forced eight tails out of the vessel in the past, and no matter what the direct stimulus, it always came back to this stupid little cumwhore fucking his fist, the stupid little cumwhore with the only eyes left in the world that could ever keep him from escaping. This stupid little bitch who'd accomplished his goal and came back to the village and still managed to be the only thing Naruto ever thought about.

This weak, childish, repressed bitch of an Uchiha disgusted him.

And with that thought, feral grin in place and dark marks carving down Naruto's cheeks, Sasuke came, trembling, in his palm.

He ran his tongue over the other wrist, which was still bleeding in arterial spurts and making Sasuke pale out and shake from the bloodloss, sealing the vein before flipping him over onto his stomach, face pressed smotheringly into the fabric and yanking his hips up. Regardless of whatever the brat did to himself in his dreams, the only thing that happened to his real body was orgasm; he was completely unprepared, and the dilemma ran across his mind for a moment before he pressed himself against him, causing a stifled "Wait, no-!" from the body beneath him, and slammed all the way in, against all of his resistance and reveling in Sasuke's scream.

(Oh god oh god oh god.) The Uchiha felt those fingers in his hair, Naruto's fingers with Kyuubi's fury and Kyuubi's fucking retribution, tug his head up as he pulled back and slammed in again, and it hurt so much god fuck god fuck. (He knew it wasn't supposed to be like this, Orochimaru never made it this bad, and that was the point. Sasuke deserved this. Sasuke deserved this for killing Naruto over and over again.) And so he screamed, because Kyuubi wanted him to scream, because he wanted to scream. Involuntary, stinging tears ran down his cheeks as he tore inside, as the demon inside of Naruto's body purposefully avoided pleasuring him, purposefully did it too fast and too hard and too deep when he wasn't ready; he screamed until he choked on something that was pushed down his throat before he could blink, and Kyuubi's permanent grin widened, finishing his hand seal the letting the clone fuck his mouth. He put both of his clawed, at this point bloody hands at either side of Sasuke's hips to hold him still, to make it hurt more, so he couldn't rock against it or try to take the edge off at all, watching him spasm and struggle to breathe against the figure before him, identical to his current body, but whose essence was now caged in with whatever of him was still trapped there. In this mind. And if Sasuke wanted to, if he really wanted this to stop, he could stop it. Because he has the Sharingan, has the Mangekyou, and thus essentially the only remaining eyes that could control tailed beasts, but he wasn't using them.

Because he was a fucking slut and he wanted it. Even if it hurt this much, he wanted it. He ran his hand down his back, which was still clothed the way his pants were still bunched at his knees, before shredding it with a fingernail, tearing it open and carving into him, first an even spiral that bled like a fucking stuck pig and around it, more seals and twists. This went beyond marking. He marked the prostitutes he fucked, bit them all over and left hickies all over their bodies and pleasured them as much as he pleasured himself; this was abuse. This was making sure every time Sasuke took off his shirt, where bits of skin was still shedding like a fucking snake (he shuddered, groaning and slamming him harder at the thought), that this scar would be there. The scar that matched the seal on Naruto's stomach, the scar that said this is property. The clone was trembling, blue eyes lidded and a blush on its face, but it was quiet, rocking his hips in and out of Sasuke's mouth and holding him by the hair so he didn't try to reject him, but there was an aura of gentle about him that didn't come with Kyuubi at all. It wasn't Naruto, just a copy of a copy, but it smelled like him. Tasted like him.

The fox pulled out, leaving the bitch beneath him trembling and gaping slickly, rubbing himself against the cheeks of his ass and squeezing them together tightly, two of his tails forcing themselves into Sasuke's body at once. He reacted violently, jerking sharply and biting down on the clone, screaming around him and eyes snapping open. The clone hissed furiously, yanking his head back as the Uchiha choked for air, trembling violently as the heat invaded him, bubbling inside but so hard that the sword Orochimaru gave him for this purpose entirely couldn't pierce it. There was blood dripping freely down his thighs at this point, and he sobbed, the clone's fist working over its cock in front of him, looking deeply annoyed. "What, he won't suck it?" Came from behind him, just barely registered over the thudding of his pulse in his ears, the way it sounded as they pounded in and out of him, so hot it felt like he was getting fucked with a hot curling iron. "He bit it..."

He could feel Kyuubi throbbing again, working between him and pausing temporarily before the tails smashed into his prostate together, and the feeling was insane, was better than anything Orochimaru had ever done and anything he'd ever done to himself with his eyes, and his mouth opened to scream only to immediately be replaced by the clone again, but it didn't stop. The tails didn't take turns fucking him, rather, they fucked him together, unbelievably hot against the most sensitive part of his body, and ohgod. It felt so good. And so he sucked off Naruto's clone willingly, would do whatever Kyuubi wanted for this not to stop, and the clone whined sweetly, fingers loosening slightly. He was getting hard again, his thighs starting to jerk and spasm involuntarily with want, and he felt the hands that were cutting into his ass release and fluid drip onto his back, not at the very base but in the middle of the spiral Kyuubi had carved.

Sasuke shuddered, sucking the clone with more fervor and hitching sharply when he felt a hand grip him roughly, pulling back for a moment and looking over his shoulder, going deeply red for half a second before he was jerked back to what he'd been doing. Kyuubi was stretched on his stomach, licking the blood under his fingernails as the tails fucked him furiously, his other hand jerking him off languidly, watching him with a smirk. The clone was trembling pre-orgasmically but was certainly being assertive enough, forcing Sasuke's head to keep moving and forcing him to move everfaster, disregarding his general need to breathe the way Sasuke had shown he liked it. And in the back of his mind, there was Naruto. Always there. Alternating between screaming at him, watching curiously, and jerking himself off maddeningly; even if Naruto didn't remember everything he did through Kyuubi's eyes, he'd remember what he did through the clone's, and that's why it was there. So Naruto wouldn't forget what he was doing to sweet little Sasuke, who he loved so much.

Whose name typically was the one uttered when he would masturbate, even if started out thinking about Sakura.

The clone pulsed thickly in his mouth and Sasuke sucked harder around the head, throat sore like he'd been deepthroating him for hours when it really couldn't have been much more than fifteen minutes, letting out a furious noise when Kyuubi withdrew the tails and choking violently as the clone came in his mouth. He coughed and sputtered as most of it immediately reflexed out of his nose, turning his head to the side and trying to spit what little of it was still in his mouth out, disgusted and angry as a cobra facing a mongoose. The clone stepped over him, breathing hard and very flushed, sitting next to Kyuubi and waiting for whatever his next order was, watching Sasuke shake with frustration as the fox let go of him, precum dripping between his fingers, and smiled.

"If he can take two of those, he can take two of us, right~?"

Sasuke went dead still.

"I think so."

The chakra strings, which had torn the skin of his wrists to fucking shreds but hadn't done him the favor of bleeding him out after Kyuubi sealed his veins, vanished completely, dropping him like a rock into the bed only for a pair of arms to immediately yank him up into a seated position. His throat hurt, his ass hurt so much he couldn't even fucking comprehend it, and he was so turned on and so desperately needing release he couldn't stand it. Kyuubi kissed him once on the mouth, twisting him in front of him and letting the clone get situated behind him, and Sasuke's teeth were clenched furiously, the word 'Don't' never making it from his lips. The words 'I'll kill you' and 'Don't fucking touch me', which were rocketing his brain like a scream; he never said them. Just glared into Kyuubi's eyes, bright red versus blood red and so much power and chakra between them, the intensity giving into lust as the clone pushed in first, burying in to the hilt and his insides appropriately slick at this point to where it wasn't agonizing, but what was agonizing was the way Kyuubi threw his legs over his shoulders, pushed his fingers inside to stretch him as far as he could go and crushed in after him, teeth settling over the Uchiha's curse seal and biting into it furiously.

Sasuke screamed.


He didn't know where he was for a moment, too caught up in the pain (what pain? Where-) to think clearly, no longer stripped naked but in his ANBU uniform, Kusanagi slung over his shoulder like an appendage of him and his hitai-ate, the hitai-ate that made him part of Konoha, tied around his waist. (It seemed like an accessory. Like it didn't really suit him.) His vision blurred in and out of his focus as he stood, first watching the floor and then letting his eyes trail up the walls, dimly lit with torches and rushes of hot air brushing his hair tousled every few seconds.

He flexed his hands, his feet, as if they'd been numb for a long time, following the torches through the corridor that he knew had to end because the farther he progressed, the hotter the air got. The more it reeked of blood. (It was, in retrospect, a very, very familiar smell, and an even more familiar heat.) He felt something wet on his face, not bothering to dab at it because he was confused and it was probably cum, because that's what he's doing right now, it's what he's been doing and it's what it's covered with (-but that's not what it is), turning a corner into a hall that he did remember. He exhaled a sharp breath, rubbing his forehead, the red chakra growing as thick and difficult to stand as air with ash in it, as a coal mine or an area with too much radon in the ground; he advanced forward to the bars, hand on the hilt of his katana and Sharingan glaring furiously, tomoe spinning and fists clenched.


He jumped, turning around to something that hadn't been there before, something like a giant screen but it wasn't film he was seeing, or anything like it, it was.. hard to describe. What he saw was himself, lewd and covered in semen, the clone behind him and his ass crushed full of cock, his own weeping precum and Kyuubi's hands crushing his waist. His curse seal, dripping flames all over his skin, blood from the skin around it where Kyuubi had bitten, and his eyes, bright red and invading. This was what he saw, but the image was contorted, full of sensory images that no camera could ever pick up and with a darkening expression, he realized this was perception. This was more than seeing what was happening through Kyuubi's eyes. This was absorbing his perception, all of his senses, everything he felt, and he turned back to the cage, eyes narrow and falling on Naruto, whose fist was bobbing furiously between his legs.

He ground his teeth. "Cut that out."

The blonde showed little sign of acknowledging him, and Sasuke realized with an amount of horror that he had four of his fingers crammed up his ass, his blue eyes fixed on the screen and - "Sasuke!" - cum jetting out of him, all over his torso and a few droplets working to his throat. His face went scarlet, covering his eyes from it (-if the idiot couldn't see him there then watching him do this was no better than him watching Kyuubi fuck him), turning around and yelling into the darkness "Nine tails, fucking face me-!"

A deep, rumbling, erotic voice came at him from all sides. "I am facing you, nonbreeder bitch ♥"

The rest of the cage illuminated and that hot, heavy air rushed over him, tossing his hair and whatever of his clothes were loose, the demon that towered thirty stories above him in the sickness of Naruto's mind, grinning sadistically over him. "Here and there." Sasuke didn't flinch (this was why he existed. Why Uchihas existed. To tame and control the beasts. When Itachi killed the clan, he ensured that the world would succumb to the remaining tailed beasts. Sasuke had no obligation to strengthen Naruto's seal, and he never has.) "Why are you doing this?" His voice was calm, eyes even with his and morphing into Mangekyou, despite that so much of his chakra was being drained.

"Because you deserve it."

He felt his energy drain immensely, his shoulder burn, dropping to the floor and his vision twisting in and out of focus. Behind him, on the screen, the curse seal was attempting to eat at his entire left side, twisting over his cock and one of his Sharingan bleeding out, replaced with a beautiful gold and the whites of his eyes slicking over black. "That's your cue. Come back when you're not getting double teamed ♥"



They were moving in him slowly, steadily, his paralysis broken as he was forced back into his own consciousness and a good portion of his body was being consumed with his seal, consumed with sensation that made him crazy with it; his energy had tripled in the space of a few seconds and the clone behind him sucking his throat, the monster in front of him holding his hips, and everything about him sparked not white but some sensation that had no words, more all encompassing and personal than an orgasm as the two of them reeled back and slammed up into him, making him cry and roil and scream like a whore but it wasn't about them. It was about something beyond them, beyond himself.

"Knew you could take it ♥"

Sasuke's whole body was shaking, every inch of him on the verge of cumming and every inch of him seeming to force it down, responding to every kiss and bite as strongly as if his whole body was as sensitive as his sex organs, and in that respect, it might have been. The way he was sweating like that, the way he was enjoying this when Kyuubi knew it was tearing him apart inside because he could feel the blood mixing with his and the clone's precum. "F-fuck, move, move-" And he threw his hips up into him, too hard and too thick and the clone not able to keep up with him, the collective feeling of Sasuke's ass getting progressively tighter as he neared orgasm and rubbing against the clone's cock was so good, too good, exactly how fucking an Uchiha should feel. It'd all be a whole lot fucking easier if he were a woman, but Kyuubi wasn't really choosy about that kind of thing. Sexual orientation was a human concept, generally irrelevant to the rest of the genome.

Sasuke tossed violently, the joint at his knees hung over Kyuubi's shoulders constantly crushing him closer and his fingers laced with the clones hard enough to break them, rocking against them so it's that much harder, that much thicker, to the point where he was overblown with it and reduced to basic instinct. Where Kyuubi wanted him. At a certain point, pride could be completely stripped from a person. Sasuke had thought he lost his pride when he learned the truth about his brother, but he hadn't. Not really. This was losing his pride. This was taking his glass, filled to the brim with preconception and doubt and past, the past which had been the entire meaning of his future for so long; this was smashing it into the floor. Breaking it into a million pieces. Breaking him into a million pieces until all he could do was scream and writhe and demand for more. Force him to the point where he couldn't carry on a coherent thought; that was losing everything.

Sasuke loved it.

Loved how thick the pressure was, the way he'd gotten so sensitive to where everything they did, he wanted. Even if they didn't hit his prostate at all, he screamed as if they did. Even if they bit into his curse seal, which hurt more than anywhere else on his body, he moaned as if they were sucking it. And so Kyuubi threw his hips in and out as hard and as fast as he could, the clone trembling and just trying to keep up, the threat of it likely to disappear the second Kyuubi came making Sasuke grind that much harder onto it, never wanting it to stop, never wanting it to end. He felt a hand between his legs, jerking him off thick and rough to where it would normally hurt, but he was beyond that. Sasuke was enlightened. And when he did cum, it was a mindblowing set of sensations that consumed him all at once, squeezing so tight inside that the clone vanished in a cloud of smoke and a cry of indignation, Sasuke falling backwards now that his support was gone and Kyuubi flattening one of his thighs to the bed, one still over his shoulder, and pistoning his hips straight into his prostate, prolonging his orgasm so thoroughly that he almost came again, shaking from head to toe and tightening so thoroughly that it couldn't even be discerned that anyone else had been there.

He felt a gush of heat wash into him, so strong that he almost thought Kyuubi was pouring chakra to heal the internal damage, but as he pulled out, a thick stream of semen followed him, dripping out of Sasuke's ass lewdly as he caught his breath. He groaned, heavy and wanton, legs trembling but crawling onto Kyuubi's hips, fisting him to get him back up again and fingers twisting in and out of himself, wanting more, always more. Even with the flames retreating off of his skin, back into the seal, he wanted it. Wanted it until he couldn't take it, then he wanted it more. And as the slick flesh in his hand stiffened into erection, he forced himself down, taking it completely and earning a cry from the figure below him.

He stared.

Blue eyes.

There was a very long pause before Sasuke ground his hips, putting a hand over Naruto's mouth and glaring, red eyed and embarrassed, but not nearly enough to stop. "Do not. Say. A word." Naruto nodded, licking Sasuke's palm that tasted like semen and blood and he shuddered violently as the brunette started to ride him, hands holding onto his hips and letting his head fall back. "Mm."


Naruto had been prepared for the fact that when he brought Sasuke back, it would not really be Sasuke. The Sasuke he knew wasn't quietly, subtly addicted to sex, didn't need to be covered in cum by the end of it to even remotely be satisfied, didn't need to have at least two inside, one in his mouth, and one in each hand to get off, and didn't need to bleed or have something broken for it to feel right. The Sasuke he knew, by the same token, wasn't the most talented member of the ANBU squad. Wasn't the best assassin they'd seen in years, wasn't unbearably good at working long undercover assignments that were incredibly difficult and demeaning. The Sasuke he knew was a traumatized thirteen year old who was obsessed with revenge and had eyes for nothing else.

The Sasuke he brought back was insane. The Sasuke he brought back was powerful enough to kill every member of their squad if he wanted to, if he triggered. That was the word everyone used, as if they thought he were a time bomb. And in a way, he was. But Sasuke only triggered if he didn't get fucked into oblivion two nights a week, and if Naruto couldn't give him that, Sasuke would undoubtedly leave. So Nauto did. Even if Sasuke was technically on a solo mission, highly classified where only the hokage knew where he was, Naruto would find him. And that was why he always came home. The Sasuke he dragged back was insane from killing his brother, insane from receiving the curse seal, insane from acquiring the Mangekyou, insane from training under Orochimaru.

But Naruto loved him.

And so did Kyuubi.

Marley Station: Naruto - Sasuke Retrieval Arcmarley_station on March 21st, 2010 08:56 pm (UTC)
That was insane. What a freaking ride.
they tell her that she's uncool.darkestwaters on March 21st, 2010 09:00 pm (UTC)
Lmfao at your icon. "WE HAVE LEGS"
And thank you, good woman. -sage nod-
Nivellnivell on March 22nd, 2010 09:10 am (UTC)

OH MY GOD. I haven't read a good Sasuslut fic taking it like the bitch he is in ages. Goddamn, and you included double penetration too! Do you have anymore Sasuslut fics or would consider a sequel to this? I just need more. MORE I say!
jhisksanjhisksan on April 18th, 2010 02:15 am (UTC)
OMFG that was twisted all the way but so damn good. and even after everything else you manage to twist the end to be a bittersweet one.

And Sasuke as a slut is always relevant
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